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Why Use Solar Electricity?

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Solar electricity has become one of the most talked about alternative energy options in the world today. Individual homes and businesses alike have striven to make their buildings and workplace safer for the environment, thereby minimizing their personal “carbon footprint”. The desire to prevent the increase of global warming is one such way in which individuals and business have united in a fight to increase the availability and use of “green” energy. One such alternative energy option which has undergone much research and applause is that of solar electricity.

This form of energy can be used in a variety of ways and, research has shown, has far more advantages to its use than disadvantages. The following are a series of some of the numerous benefits which solar electricity provides to the user and to the environment as well.

Renewable Source of Fuel

Solar electricity, as its name suggests, is generated by the sun, perhaps one of our strongest and well known renewable resources. This star has the ability to provide countless power and energy for years whereas other sources of energy such as uranium and coal will eventually become depleted. As long as the sun is up and shining, correctly angled solar panels will be able to use the UV rays of the sun to generate much needed electricity in an efficient, clean manner.

Financial Savings

Although the initial set-up of the equipment associated with solar electricity is quite expensive, there are certainly financial benefits that can be enjoyed both in the short and long term. Several states provide tax cuts for those homes which run of solar panels. These tax breaks allow for individuals who install the panels to save a large amount on the cost of installation. Additionally, excess energy which is generated by the panels can be sent to a power grid with the electrical company actually paying the building owner for providing the energy.

Reduced Maintenance

After the panels and other solar electricity equipment are installed, very little maintenance is required. The solar panels are typically placed on the roof so they do not take up space in the home or in the yard. The equipment associated with this form of energy typically lasts for a period of 30 years before needing replacement.

Additional Lighting Availability

Even a small number of solar panels providing solar electricity can reduce electrical costs and thoroughly light the home. Solar panels can then be used to power outdoor holiday lighting, electrical lamps in the garden as well as other outdoor fixtures without the use of extension cords and other costly, space-consuming products.

Some critics state that solar energy is ineffectual during the nighttime or during periods of bad weather in which the sun is not visible. This is wholly untrue. The majority of systems come equipped with battery storage areas which can be used in these situations. Some of these batteries provide enough solar electricity to power an entire house for a week without any available sunlight. In short, solar electricity is an exceptional advance in the realm of “green” energy and provides many benefits both for the individual user as well as for our Earth.