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Green Power Installers

Green Power Installers began when founder, Barukh Bennaim, saw that the solar industry was not being built to create a sustainable environment for the future of our planet, but merely for profits. He spent more than a decade working in the solar and construction industries, and decided it was time to use his knowledge to make a difference.

Barukh and the other founders of Green Power Installers determined they could create the same solar systems for consumers at a much lower cost. By keeping production costs at a minimum, solar installations are being created at approximately 40 percent less than competitor companies. With those kinds of savings passed on to consumers, many more homeowners can install solar products in their home, making a much larger impact on the environment in less time.

The Green Power Installers team has designed and installed residential and commercial solar installation systems throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. A family-owned business relying on the 15 years experience of its founder in construction, engineering and solar industries, Green Power Installers has quickly become a trusted name in the solar industry.