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Affordable Solar Panel Kits

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Solar panel kits are readily available to homeowners. Solar technology has been widely understood since about the 1950s, with the technology appearing in limited business and residential applications at a noticeable rate around the 1970s. Today, solar technology has never been better, more efficient or more affordable. While there is still an up-front investment, affordable solar panel kits provide an easy way to get a system purchased and ensure that you have all the necessary components to create your own green and efficient power.

What to Look For

The main purpose of using affordable solar panel kits is to get all the parts necessary to create energy efficient power in one complete package. While there are numerous retailers and dealers who offer solar panel kits, look for companies that test all their components together, ensuring that the system will work perfectly once installed in your home. In addition, a kit gives you peace of mind that all the parts you need are in one easy-to-locate place. Most kits comes with solar panels, an inverter, wiring and installation tools and instructions. Batteries may be sold separately, so read the kit’s contents carefully.

What About Price?

The price will vary a great deal among different solar panel kits. In most cases, this price difference is mainly based upon how large the system is and what is included with the bundle. A small and basic starter kit, for example, may only have one solar panel, an inverter and the necessary complementary parts; this kit may be under $1,000, but keep in mind that it will only generate a limited amount of electricity and will probably not be near enough to handle the load of the average home. Larger solar panel kits go up in price depending on how many solar panels are in a kit and how much electricity the system can generate. A 1.3 KW kit with six panels, for example, sells at one retailer for around $6,000, while the same company offers a 10.9 KW kit for almost $40,000. Obviously, you have to take the time to assess your needs and do a cost to benefit comparison to determine which size system is right for you.

Cost vs. Efficiency

The main discouraging factor for most people who are looking at solar panel kits is the initial cost; it can be expensive. However, if you get your numbers right, you can partially or completely eliminate your power costs. If you’re paying an average power bill of $100 per month, for example, a system that required a $12,000 investment will pay for itself within a year. In addition, any revenue you generate from overproducing power is money in the bank. Keep in mind, however, that each power company deals with this differently. Some may pay a check to homeowners with solar panel kits for all power generated. Others may record extra power as a credit that expires after a 12-month period. If this is the case, try to buy affordable solar panel kits that match your usage as closely as possible to avoid losing money in the long run.