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Verengo Solar Plus is the leading residential solar installer in Southern California offering superior customer service consistently earning an A+ with the Better Business Bureau.  Verengo has reduced carbon emissions through its solar systems, accomplishing the equivalent of planting 73,680 acres of trees, taking more than 29,000 cars off the road and saving homeowners $61 million in energy costs over the lifetime of Verengo’s installed systems to date.

Verengo can customize a solar panel installation to your specific needs and lifestyle, so you get maximum performance without a maximum investment. Plus, our experienced service and craftsmanship meets the highest of standards set by the AAMA (The American Architectural Manufacturers Association).

5 Reasons To Go Solar Today:
•    $0 Down Financing Options
•    Lifetime Savings
•    $1,000 Instant Savings
•    Free, No-Obligation Quote
•    The government pays for up to 50% of your solar system!


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